Age Of Graphene Technology

Release date:2017-11-20

1, strength and flexibility: tensile strength and elastic modulus of 125 GPa and 1.1TPa, respectively, its strength is about 100 times the ordinary steel, made of graphene made of bags, can withstand about 2 tons of weight, is Currently known the most powerful material.

2, conductive thermal conductivity: its electron mobility can reach 2 × 105cm2 / V · s, about 80 times the electron mobility in silicon, gallium arsenide 20 times the temperature stability, conductivity up to 108Ω / m , The surface resistance is about 31Ω / sq (310Ω / m2), lower than copper or silver, is the best material at room temperature conductivity.

3, optical properties: single layer of graphene visible and near infrared band light vertical absorption rate of only 2.3%, for all bands of light without selective absorption.

Linear optical properties: single layer of graphene absorbance is very high, from the visible to the terahertz wide band absorption of 2.3% per layer of light.

Nonlinear optical properties: When the intensity of the incident light exceeds a certain critical value, the absorption of graphene will reach saturation. These characteristics can make graphene can be used as a passive mode-locked laser.