Foot sauna series-WJ-001S

Release date:2018-03-28


1.Keep fit, improve immunity, and prolong life 

2. Prevent from neurasthenia and insomnia 

3. Preven from hypertension

4.Prevent rheumatoid arthritis and numbness of the legs
5. Prevent diabetes
6. Prevent from catching cold
7. Beauty and slimming
8. Prevent from cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis
9. Eliminate fatigue
10. Good to Spleen and kidney, treat sub-health

Far infrared foot saunas

Benefit of foot sauna
Foot is called the "second heart" of human beings. It is a mysterious "organ" on the human body that contains infinite treasure. This small space in the foot palm gathers half of the body's meridians. There are more than 60 acupuncture points under the feet, which are closely related to the internal organs.

The foot is distributed with very rich nerves. By effectively stimulating the plantar reflex zone, the function of the corresponding organ can be adjusted, the normal can be stronger and normal can be improved and restored.